Our Story

JB Gampe Contemporary Jewelry is a husband and wife's convergent creative endeavor. Together, we operate a small lapidary shop and silversmith studio where we refine rough stones and raw precious metals and meld them into beautiful jewelry, one piece at a time.

It started with birthday and Valentine’s Day gifts. Then we made our own wedding bands. Before long, we were making Mother's Day and Christmas presents for family and friends. Then people started asking for bespoke pieces to give a little happiness to their loved ones, and to themselves, too!

What we love most about the jewelry we create is not its intrinsic value, but the sentimental and emotional worth it holds. The memories it conjures. Its aesthetic appeal. This is why we spend hours poring over the details, selecting and polishing the perfect stone and meticulously crafting each piece.

Whether it’s a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, we’re ready to make your happy memories.

Janet & Bart

Meet the JB Gampe Team: Janet, Bart, Ruby and Desi.
Fusing Argentium silver cufflink components.
Piercing (sawing) stars for earrings out of silver sheet.
Melting scraps and casting grain to pour a sandcast mold for a ring.
Piercing shapes for drop earrings out of pattern roll-printed silver sheet.
Cutting and polishing cabochons for rings and pendants.