Our Story


We believe that being happy is important.

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is my flower pendant. It started as a sketch that was then handcrafted into a beautiful silver pendant for my birthday. Some might say it was the beginning of JB Gampe.  We’ve made our own wedding bands, and custom cufflinks for our friend who stood before us as our officiant. We gave our mothers rings for Mother’s Day. Before long, people asked for custom designed pieces to give a little happiness to their loved ones, and to themselves too! And that’s what we want our jewelry to do for you. Whether it’s a gift for someone or a treat for yourself, we’d love for it to bring you happy memories.

Our jewelry is designed to be effortless, yet modern and simple.  We want it to be your everyday jewelry and most importantly, versatile pieces that compliment you. All of our jewelry is created in our Los Angeles studio. We collaborate on the design, painstakingly going over each detail to ensure that it’s the perfect size, dimension, weight and composition. We take pride in everything that we make. We sell directly to you, making our prices accessible.  

Each item is handmade and has slight variations that make unique. We’ve chosen to make our jewelry with 93.5% pure Argentium® Sterling Silver, which is sustainable, presents a bright white color that is closer to fine silver than traditional 92.5% sterling, and is extremely slow to tarnish under most conditions. Our jewelry goes through a tumble bath when it’s completed, to not only give it a high shine but also increases the hardness.  We put all of our creations through the “wear it all day” test.  If it doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll make adjustments until it’s right.

We love what we do and JB Gampe is our way of sharing that with you.

Janet + Bart